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ENGLISH Alex Jones a ideal disinformation-discouragement agent

Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?

**Is Alex Jones A Zionist Shill?, ADL Articles

pomada4 ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agentWHY IS THE ADL

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009-2010

header3 ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agent

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ajadprom2 ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agent

THE ANTI DEFAMATION LEAGUE’S RECENT ‘BLAST’ at radio swindling ‘patriot’ maven, Alex Jones, appears to be some-more – AND reduction – than it seems on closer examination and receptive consideration.
That universe Zionism is a center of evil on a universe is over any receptive dispute. From AIPAC and a ADL to a fraudulent Southern Poverty Law Center to B’nai B’rith, Zionism is a many cruel geopolitical (thermonuclear Israel), financial and domestic force in a United States…and many of a world.

Even a easy bargain of a Wall Street bankster machine, and a beyond hurtful Federal Reserve, reveals a strenuous energy of Zionism that eventually traces behind to a City of London banking center, and a Rothschilds. As David Icke succinctly puts it, “Zionism is a Elephant in a Controllers’ Board Room” that customarily Zionist deniers, de facto agents and Zionist apologists fake isn’t there and won’t mention.

The premiere Zionist coercion agency in America, a ADL, mostly runs strike pieces on people it tries to allegation as ‘anti-semites’ or ‘anti-Israel’ and so forth. These pieces are customarily barbarous in tinge and full with groundless slanders and smears of a targeted individual/s. (Brother Nathanael is described by a ADL as a ‘rabid anti-Semite.’) However, when was a final time we saw an ADL Zionist strike square targeting someone who probably never even mentions Zionism or creates anti-Zionist statements? That doubt is vital…as we cruise a following material.

ajhollb ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agentA new investigative square by Lorie Kramer unclosed an apparent transparent couple between Zionism and a Zionist Bronfman family of North America, and choice speak uncover horde Alex Jones. Kramer’s investigate showed that Holly Bronfman’s profession customarily happens to be Jones’ personal attorney. Coincidence? From that find it is not tough to plan because Mr. Jones avoids even a plead of ‘Zionism’ unless put into a corner. Read Entire Kramer Story Here, Here Here.

In one of his many barbarous Zionist coverup statements, Jones stated: “Hollywood Is Owned By The Arabs’ – The Arabs Own Everything!” That stunning statement simply cracked a credit meter. It’s simply a matter of joining a dots.

Many have beheld – and even revolutionary fans have been nonplussed for years – over Jones refusing to plead a ‘elephant in a house room’ on his radio show. He simply will not impugn or even plead ‘World Zionism’ solely in passing…and unequivocally intermittently during that. Facts are facts. Therefore, when a ADL ‘blasts’ someone in a media who does not plead Zionism, or a Israel Lobby, or Zionist Jews, one has to start digging a small deeper and meditative of who eventually advantages from such an ADL ‘attack.’

Jones, jumping on a event (as designed during some level?) pointed to a ADL ‘hit piece’ story on one of his sites and remarkably presented an ‘editorial rebuttal’ to it, that was about how a ADL had ruthlessly pounded America’s many highly-visible loyalist speak uncover host. In a apt try to underscore a ADL square as a personal conflict on Jones – as if he were a constant rivalry of Zionism – a Jones site’s manageable editorial bloody behind during a ADL square as if it had shop-worn him severely.

However, once again, a tenure Zionism never appeared. Connect a dots again. Jones is, in reality, anything though a loyalist sufferer out to display a Zionist Jewish bulletin and a virulent reason on a Republic. The ADL essay indeed reads some-more like a promo for Jones than a personal conflict as evidenced by even customarily dual excerpts:

oxgvoc ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agentJones runs a syndicated radio show, The Alex Jones Show, that is promote on AM and FM stations. Jones also operates dual renouned Web sites, Infowars and Prison Planet, and appears on a wire entrance radio show.” (Remember, this is ostensible to be a monster strike square on Jones…)

“After a choosing of Obama, Jones grown ties to mainstream media outlets such as a FOX News Network. In Mar 2009, Jones seemed on a FOX News module Freedom Watch that authorised him to simulcast a uncover over his radio program.” (Reads like a broadside release…which is really, essentially, accurately what a ADL square is.) Read The Entire ADL Story Here.

homada1 ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agent JONES’ HOME RADIO SHOWS
EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON when many Christians are in Church – though when Jews are operative – Alex Jones does a syndicated and internet-based show from his home studio for KLBJ 590 AM (“Alex Jones brings his singular viewpoint to a KLBJ team”) from 4:00-6:00pm. Who, exactly, is a KLBJ team’s owner?

In fact, KLBJ AM is owned by Emmis Communications, (”Emmis” is a Hebrew word for “truth”), that operates radio stations in a nation’s largest markets, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The Founder and CEO of Emmis Communications customarily happens to be a well-connected Jewish American promote mini-mogul named Jeffrey H. Smulyan — a kind of Jewish American who would presumably have crafty devotion to Zionist Jewish organizations like a ADL — and whom a ADL likes to support in return.

With a Doctorate Law grade from a University of Southern California School of Law and a successive “Tree of Life Award” from a Jewish National Fund, Smulyan has customarily a right certification to massage shoulders with one of a JNF’s financial recipients, a ADL.

In 1994, Smulyan was tabbed by The White House to conduct a U.S. Delegation to a Plenipotentiary Conference of a International Telecommunications Union. As a U.S. ambassador, Smulyan negotiated an agreement between Israel and a PLO that has given strike a rabble bin due to Zionist Israel’s ongoing genocide and racial clarification of Palestinians.

In 2005, (boasts Smulyan on his Website), Emmis Communications was named one of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” (Smulyan does not plead that Fortune is owned by a Canadian Jew, Edgar Bronfman Jr. of Time Warner, who has a professional alliance with Emmis Communications.)

Apparently, Alex Jones ALSO LIKES to work for Emmis and KNOWS unequivocally well, indeed, how to keep his mouth close when it comes to singling out Zionists and Jewish lobbyists when broadcasting for Smulyan’s KBLJ radio. View Entire Story Here Here.

rmazk ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agentEVERY SATURDAY EVENING when Jews are feasting on their “Erev Shabbat” Sabbath meal, Jewish-owned satellite radio Sirius Network, beams out Jonesmuddled message on a XM radio hire from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

The Sirius XM Radio Network is owned by a American Jew, Mel Karmazin, CEO; and managed by a Jews, Scott Greenstein, President; David Frear, Chief Financial Officer; and Eddy Hartenstein, Chairman of a Board. Connect a dots. Zionism is king.

Before his Jul 2009 army with Sirius, Jones was railing against Sirius XM radio for featuring ‘no planner’ Paula Gloria on Sirius’ Howard Stern slot. Why did Jones unexpected change his mind? Could it be money, lots of Zionist money? – a large motivator even for ‘conspiracy theorists’ like ADL-promoted radio speak uncover hosts.

rebbjones ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agent
Jones Called ‘Jewish Media’s Rebbe’ By Jerusalem Post
VETERAN JERUSALEM POST REPORTER, David Shamah, (a intense Zionist Jew), admits, or to be some-more accurate, exposed Alex Jones for “being on a Jews’ payroll.” Yes, that is a approach quote from a article.

On Shamah’s Website, Digital Newzgeek, where he archives his Jerusalem Post articles, Shamah posted a square that he penned for a Jerusalem Post on Apr 14 2009, titled, What Creeps Under Internet Rocks. In a article, Shamah exposes Jones as a “rebbe” whose fans fear his Jewish ties will make him “look bad:” Wrote Shamah:

shamjo ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agentJones believes that a universe is run by a Rockefellers, a Trilateral Commission, and a Bilderberg Group. But we never listened him complete a word ‘Jew’ in tie with any of these conspiracies. According to Jones’ Wikipedia autobiography page: ‘The Alex Jones Show radio module is promote live from Emmis Communications KLBJ Radio in Austin, Texas.’

“The CEO of Emmis? Jeff Smulyan, leader of a Jewish National Fund’s Tree of Life Award. Interestingly, we have never seen Smulyan’s name on a lists of Jews who run a media on a Anti-Semitic sites. Could it be they don’t wish to make their ‘rebbe,’ Jones, demeanour bad? After all, his income is being paid by ‘Jew media!’” Read Entire Shamah Story Here.

So, it’s not tough to see that even Zionist Jews know what Jones and his flappery about ‘the Arabs owning Hollywood’ and probably never touching a thesis of a ‘elephant in a boardroom’ are all about…and on that side his kosher bread is buttered.

adajcovv ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agent THE ADL COVERS FOR JONESBACK TO THE FARCE ADL ARTICLE which presumably ‘blasts’ Jones, though is, in reality, using division for him…a crafty psy op to make it demeanour like a ADL hates him. Nothing could be many over from reality.

No earlier did a ADL publish what amounts to this thinly-veiled PR square for him, than Jones’ mostly Zionist staff cranked out a painfully constructed story about how bad Jones was being savaged by a ADL.

Nowhere in a ADL article do a difference ‘anti-semite’ or ‘anti-semitic’ appear…terms of customary handling bedrock for probably ALL ADL attacks on those who conflict Zionism and a genocide hold on America.

arabhol ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agentSo, again, if we haven’t connected a right dots, it is plainly apparent that a ADL changed to give Jones and his bulletin of not mentioning a ‘elephant in a house room’ a near-perfect defense to strengthen him. The Jones site editorial reply to a ADL ‘hit piece’ is simply a supplement to a binary ADL psy op. Read both and confirm for yourself.

Jones runs, according to many, a de facto ZIONIST OPERATION, and he ONLY mentions Zionism in flitting when he positively must. His ancestral bid to cover for his Zionist Jewish Hollywood friends by saying, on a “YouTube clip, “The Arabs possess Hollywood and everybody knows it” is truly a classical mistake pas. The ‘Arabs’? He competence as good have attempted to repudiate a existence of a sun.

Jones, his program, his sites (at slightest 5 of them), and by his documentaries are radically a core of a mass desensitizing operation. When viewing his ‘films,’ many come divided feeling as if they’ve been bludgeoned and beaten to nearby hopelessness. And that, of course, is a unequivocally idea. All a speak about ‘taking a nation back’ fundamentally runs many people into a ground…and many of them turn moribund, disheartened…or customarily quit.

When Jones keeps pulsation home a thesis about a ALL-powerful Global Elite – though not mentioning that Zionist Jews ARE a good infancy of a chosen – a summary of who is unequivocally using a West and America is lost. Zionism would seem to have a truly great, constant and indifferent crony in Mr. Jones.

adajlast ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agent JONES IS BASICALLY, (as one of a many manifest open total in a choice media), not many some-more than a showman or razzle-dazzle carny type. He could have warranted millions as a ‘teevee evangelist.’

Does anyone unequivocally consider that Jones got into Bohemian Grove and did all that videotaping but a Elite meaningful about it? That DVD was, of course, a ideal entre into a incomparable universe of choice media for him as a ultimate ‘patriot super hero.’ And with a passing of William Cooper (who exposed Jones as a liar), a trail was transparent for a Jones appurtenance to make a move. View Cooper YouTube Video Here.

efshen ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agentJones’ bizarre ‘connections’ to a uber Zionist Bronfman family around his personal attorney, and to Zionist Hollywood; a fact that he has a ticket to ride on his flagship radio hire with Emmis Communications and a container on XM/Sirius; that his tip staff is dominated by Zionist Jewish Americans (also see his dependent Jason Bermas’ horrible YouTube Video Here); and that many of his sponsors are Jewish-owned businesses…should be frequency exegetic to those seeking to know because he gives Zionism a purify pass by rarely, if ever, mentioning it.

Jones has a specific bulletin that undoubtedly covers for Zionism. Sure, he wears a disguise of a Patriot…he’s a master during it. Remember …the BEST disinformation is during slightest 90% truth. And Alex ‘Bullhorn’ Jones appears to be a best crony universe Zionism has in a mostly ghastly feel of ‘patriot’ radio and a choice media. Remember…connect a dots…and a constant design eventually congeals in front of one’s eyes…truly a sheer and unpleasant picture in this case.

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bnrzn3 ENGLISH Alex Jones the ideal disinformation discouragement agent
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