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Some of the strongest supporters of the war declare that we are a Christian nation, yet use their religious beliefs to justify the war. They claim it is our Christian duty to remake the Middle East and attack the Muslim infidels. Evidently I have been reading from a different Bible. I remember something about “Blessed are the peacemakers.” My beliefs aside, Christian teaching of nearly a thousand years reinforces the concept of “The Just war theory.” This Christian theory emphasizes six criteria needed to justify Christian participation in war… The war in Iraq fails to meet almost all of these requirements. This discrepancy has generated anger and division within the Christian community. Some are angry because the war is being fought out of Christian duty, yet does not have uniform support from all Christians. Others are angry because they see Christianity as a religion as peace and forgiveness, not war and annihilation of enemies.”
  —Ron Paul
 Why Are Americans So Angry?, June 29, 2006

Lynsey Addario, New York Times Journalist, Strip Searched By Israeli Soldiers

JERUSALEM — Israel’s Defense Ministry apologized Monday for a diagnosis of a profound American news photographer who pronounced she was frame searched and flustered by Israeli soldiers during a confidence check.

Lynsey Addario, who was on assignment for a New York Times, had requested that she not be forced to go by an X-ray appurtenance as she entered Israel from a Gaza Strip since of concerns for her unborn baby.

Instead, she wrote in a minute to a ministry, she was forced by a appurtenance 3 times as soldiers “watched and laughed from above.” She pronounced she was afterwards taken into a room where she was systematic by a womanlike workman to frame down to her underwear.

In a Oct. 25 minute sent by a journal pronounced Addario, a Pulitzer Prize leader who is formed in India and has worked in some-more than 60 countries, had never been treated with “such blatant cruelty.”

The method pronounced an review found that a hunt followed procedures though remarkable that Addario’s ask to equivocate a X-ray appurtenance had not been scrupulously relayed.

Addario pronounced she done a ask not to go by a X-ray appurtenance before nearing during a crossing.

“We would like to apologize for this sold fumble in coordination and any difficulty it might subsequently have caused to those involved,” a matter said.

It pronounced that confidence is parsimonious on a limit with Gaza “in sequence to forestall apprehension from targeting and reaching Israel’s citizens.”

The New York Times business arch in Israel, Ethan Bronner, welcomed a designed changes though pronounced a journal stays repelled during a diagnosis Addario perceived and how prolonged a review took.

Foreign reporters operative in Israel have regularly complained of overly forward confidence checks by of Israeli authorities. Israel says a inspections are required measures.

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