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The American people have been offered two lousy choices. One, which is corporatism, a fascist type of approach, or, socialism. We deliver a lot of services in this country through the free market, and when you do it through the free market prices go down. But in medicine, prices go up. Technology doesn’t help the cost, it goes up instead of down. But if you look at almost all of our industries that are much freer, technology lowers the prices. Just think of how the price of cell phones goes down. Poor people have cell phones, and televisions, and computers. Prices all go down. But in medicine, they go up, and there’s a reason for that, that’s because the government is involved with it… I do [think that prices will go down without government involvement], but probably a lot more than what you’re thinking about, because you have to have competition in the delivery of care. For instance, if you have a sore throat and you have to come see me, you have to wait in the waiting room, and then get checked, and then get a prescription, and it ends up costing you $100. If you had true competition, you should be able to go to a nurse, who could for 1/10 the cost very rapidly do it, and let her give you a prescription for penicillin. See, the doctors and the medical profession have monopolized the system through licensing. And that’s not an accident, because they like the idea that you have to go see the physician and pay this huge price. And patients can sort this out, they’re not going to go to a nurse if they need brain surgery…”
  —Ron Paul
 Interview by Laura Knoy on NHPR, June 5, 2007

Police army on warning over lethal million-volt ‘Tasers’ sheltered as mobile …

Christopher Leake

Last updated during 12:35 AM on 12th Feb 2012

article 2099921 11AFF702000005DC 288 233x331 Police forces on alert over deadly million volt Tasers disguised as mobile ...

Dangerous: Electrodes (ringed) on a feign mobile phone broach a charge

Police army opposite Britain have been warned to beware of a inundate of high-powered stun guns sheltered as mobile phones that are being smuggled into a country.

Operated by dire a symbol on a side of a device, a weapons can invalidate victims with a million-volt assign – many times some-more absolute than a military Taser.

Authorities fear that a stun guns – marketed as personal insurance inclination – are increasingly apropos a criminals’ arms of choice, with during smallest 10,000 estimated to be in dissemination on Britain’s streets.

They are also apropos a hazard to jail guards. A Chinese-made Kelon stun gun – matching to a Sony Ericsson K95 mobile phone – was recently found during Low Newton jail, where a mass killer Rosemary West is an inmate.

Although bootleg in Britain, a stun guns can be bought around a internet for as small as £15.

The feign phones underline electrodes during a tip that emanate a shock. The smallest hold against  a aim is adequate to broach a charge, possibly approach on to skin or by clothing. In impassioned cases they might means deadly heart attacks.

UK Border Agency officials have seized a inclination during Manchester and Glasgow airports and during a  North London postal classification office, lifting fears that they are being alien in flourishing numbers.

article 2099921 09333DCD000005DC 962 468x286 Police forces on alert over deadly million volt Tasers disguised as mobile ...

Caught: UK Border Agency officials have seized a feign phones during Manchester airport

The warning came in a new security
bulletin from a Ministry of Justice, that suggested that military had
made a new seizure of a stun guns sheltered as mobile phones,
‘confirming a participation and expected dissemination of a arms in
criminal circles’.

added: ‘The gun presents as a unchanging mobile phone and, therefore, has
the ability to deceive, as good as means injury. The recent  seizure at
HMP Low Newton of a K95 stun gun reminds us of a need to remain
vigilant to a threat.’

As good as West, inmates during Low Newton women’s jail in Durham embody Baby P’s violent mom Tracey Connelly and Kemi Adeyoola, jailed for stabbing an 84-year-old womanlike neighbour to death.

Jail staff contend a guns could be used to temporarily dull wardens. A comparison jail source said: ‘These stun guns poise a dangerous new threat. There are fears they will be smuggled in to assist escapes and dominate warders.’

The inclination are marketed on websites as ‘non-lethal personal confidence weapons’ for counterclaim opposite muggers. Claims of adult 5 million volts are advertised for some models. 

article 2099921 11B070A5000005DC 888 468x286 Police forces on alert over deadly million volt Tasers disguised as mobile ...

Beware: Warnings have been released about a Pink Stinger, another form of stun gun

Anyone found in possession of one in Britain faces adult to 10 years in jail and an total fine.

Warnings have also been released about a second stun gun, a Pink Stinger, that is sheltered as a  tampon. This chronicle – that has nonetheless to be found inside a jail – delivers 50,000 volts, though is still absolute adequate to impair a victim.

Because stun guns have really low amperage, critical or permanent damage is doubtful to result.

A confidence source pronounced final night: ‘Police army opposite a nation have confiscated and broken an augmenting series of these rarely dangerous weapons.’

A Prison Service mouthpiece said: ‘This successful seizure demonstrates a commitment of staff during HMP Low Newton.’

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