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…a few years back, in the 1980s, in our efforts to bring peace and democracy to the world we assisted the freedom fighters of Afghanistan, and in our infinite wisdom we gave money, technology and training to Bin Laden, and now, this very year, we have declared that Bin Laden was responsible for the bombing in Africa. So what is our response, because we allow our President to pursue war too easily? What was the President’s response? Some even say that it might have been for other reasons than for national security reasons. So he goes off and bombs Afghanistan, and he goes off and bombs Sudan, and now the record shows that very likely the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan was precisely that, a pharmaceutical plant… As my colleagues know, at the end of this bill I think we get a hint as to why we do not go to Rwanda for humanitarian reasons… I think it has something to do with money, and I think it has something to do with oil… they are asking to set up and check into the funds that Saddam Hussein owes to the west. Who is owed? They do not owe me any money. But I will bet my colleagues there is a lot of banks in New York who are owed a lot of money, and this is one of the goals…
Dana Rohrabacher: This resolution is exactly the right formula… Support democracy. Oppose tyranny. Oppose aggression and repression… We should strengthen the victims so they can defend themselves. These things are totally consistent with America’s philosophy, and it is a pragmatic approach as well… Our support for the Mujahedin collapsed the Soviet Union. Yes, there was a price to pay, because after the Soviet Union collapsed, we walked away, and we did not support those elements in the Mujahedin who were somewhat in favor of the freedom and western values. With those people who oppose this effort of pro democracy foreign policy, a pro freedom foreign policy rather than isolation foreign policy, they would have had us stay out of that war in Afghanistan. They would never have had us confronting Soviet aggression in different parts of the world… Mr. Speaker, the gentleman does not think it is proper for us to offer those people who are struggling for freedoms in Iraq against their dictatorship a helping hand?

  —Ron Paul

Iran: Possible ‘P5+1′ talks would take place in Turkey

Iran on Sunday pronounced that probable talks between a “P5+1″ organisation and Iran, on a latter’s arch program, competence take place in Istanbul, claiming that a Turkish unfamiliar apportion and EU unfamiliar process arch Catherine Ashton have concluded to a venue.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Salehi pronounced Tehran is watchful for a response to a minute sent to a European Union deputy final week, semi-official Iranian news organisation Mehr reported.

The minute to Ashton, that was performed by Reuters on Thursday, due resuming a stalled talks and pronounced Tehran would have “new initiatives” to move to a table.

But a brief letter, that responded to a minute Ashton sent to her Iranian reflection in October, offering no specific proposals, withdrawal a doubt symbol over Tehran’s eagerness to enter concrete negotiations on a arch work.

Following a assembly Friday, Ashton and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that Iran‘s new minute to Ashton competence symbol a step forward.

“We consider this is an critical step and we acquire a letter,” Clinton pronounced in a corner assembly with Ashton. She stressed that a vital powers were still reviewing their grave response to Tehran’s offer.

 Iran: Possible P5+1 talks would take place in Turkey

Ashton, who handles hit with Iran on interest of a “P5+1″ organisation comprised of a United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany, pronounced a minute showed “a intensity probability that Iran competence be prepared to start talks.”

Clinton, however, pronounced a Iranian minute “appeared to acknowledge and accept” a western countries’ longstanding condition that any talks start with a contention of a arch program.

“We contingency be positive that, if we make a preference to go forward, we see a postulated bid by Iran to come to a table, to work until we have reached an outcome that has Iran entrance behind into correspondence with their general obligations,” Clinton said.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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