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The American people have been offered two lousy choices. One, which is corporatism, a fascist type of approach, or, socialism. We deliver a lot of services in this country through the free market, and when you do it through the free market prices go down. But in medicine, prices go up. Technology doesn’t help the cost, it goes up instead of down. But if you look at almost all of our industries that are much freer, technology lowers the prices. Just think of how the price of cell phones goes down. Poor people have cell phones, and televisions, and computers. Prices all go down. But in medicine, they go up, and there’s a reason for that, that’s because the government is involved with it… I do [think that prices will go down without government involvement], but probably a lot more than what you’re thinking about, because you have to have competition in the delivery of care. For instance, if you have a sore throat and you have to come see me, you have to wait in the waiting room, and then get checked, and then get a prescription, and it ends up costing you $100. If you had true competition, you should be able to go to a nurse, who could for 1/10 the cost very rapidly do it, and let her give you a prescription for penicillin. See, the doctors and the medical profession have monopolized the system through licensing. And that’s not an accident, because they like the idea that you have to go see the physician and pay this huge price. And patients can sort this out, they’re not going to go to a nurse if they need brain surgery…”
  —Ron Paul
 Interview by Laura Knoy on NHPR, June 5, 2007

Iran: Possible ‘P5+1′ talks would take place in Turkey

Iran on Sunday pronounced that probable talks between a “P5+1″ organisation and Iran, on a latter’s arch program, competence take place in Istanbul, claiming that a Turkish unfamiliar apportion and EU unfamiliar process arch Catherine Ashton have concluded to a venue.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Salehi pronounced Tehran is watchful for a response to a minute sent to a European Union deputy final week, semi-official Iranian news organisation Mehr reported.

The minute to Ashton, that was performed by Reuters on Thursday, due resuming a stalled talks and pronounced Tehran would have “new initiatives” to move to a table.

But a brief letter, that responded to a minute Ashton sent to her Iranian reflection in October, offering no specific proposals, withdrawal a doubt symbol over Tehran’s eagerness to enter concrete negotiations on a arch work.

Following a assembly Friday, Ashton and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that Iran‘s new minute to Ashton competence symbol a step forward.

“We consider this is an critical step and we acquire a letter,” Clinton pronounced in a corner assembly with Ashton. She stressed that a vital powers were still reviewing their grave response to Tehran’s offer.

 Iran: Possible P5+1 talks would take place in Turkey

Ashton, who handles hit with Iran on interest of a “P5+1″ organisation comprised of a United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany, pronounced a minute showed “a intensity probability that Iran competence be prepared to start talks.”

Clinton, however, pronounced a Iranian minute “appeared to acknowledge and accept” a western countries’ longstanding condition that any talks start with a contention of a arch program.

“We contingency be positive that, if we make a preference to go forward, we see a postulated bid by Iran to come to a table, to work until we have reached an outcome that has Iran entrance behind into correspondence with their general obligations,” Clinton said.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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