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They use [the term Isolationist] all the time, and they do that to be very negative. There are a few people in the country who say, "Well, that’s good. I sort of like that term." I don’t particularly like the term because I do not think I am an isolationist at all. Because along with the advice of not getting involved in entangling alliances and into the internal affairs of other countries, the Founders said – and it’s permissible under the Constitution – to be friends with people, trade with people, communicate with them, and get along with them – but stay out of the military alliances. The irony is they accuse us, who would like to be less interventionist and keep our troops at home, of being isolationist. Yet if you look at the results of the policy of the last six years, we find that we are more isolated than ever before. So I claim the policy of those who charge us with being isolationists is really diplomatic isolationism. They are not willing to talk to Syria. They are not willing to talk to Iran. They are not willing to trade with people that might have questionable people in charge. We have literally isolated ourselves. We have less friends and more enemies than ever before. So in a way, it’s one of the unintended consequences of their charges. They are the true isolationists, I believe.”
  —Ron Paul
 Interview by Scott Horton, April 4, 2007

St. Joseph removing 300 new call core jobs

 St. Joseph getting 300 new call center jobs

Go here to review more: outsourcing “call center” – Google News

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