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Welfarism and excessive spending and deficits and socialism divide us, because everybody has to go to Washington. Those who have the biggest clout, whose who are the best lobbyists, those who go and they grab. And whether it’s the medical industrial complex, or the banking industry, or the military industrial complex, that’s who ends up controlling our government… For so long, conservatives and constitutionalists have lost the argument, they lost the moral highground. Because those who want to give things away, not talking about where they steal it from, but they want to give things and take care of people, they get the moral highground and they come by as being compassionate. And we who believe in liberty, we lack compassion. But the truth is, there’s only one compassionate system known to man, and that is freedom and personal responsibility, then there’s enough wealth, and then we will all have personal responsibility to use this compassion that we have, first to take care of our families and friends and neighbors, and there would be so much wealth that we could spread this wealth around the world.”
  —Ron Paul
 New Hampshire Homeschool Meet and Greet, September 30, 2007

Bill Gross On Why The Giant Wave Of Aging Retirees Makes US Debt Even More Attractive

bill gross pimco Bill Gross On Why The Giant Wave Of Aging Retirees Makes US Debt Even More Attractive


Doomsayers like to disagree that a US faces mercantile Armageddon since of all a obligations to retirees that will come due in a entrance years.

So it’s violent to buy US debt then, right?

Actually this proof gets it 100% backwards.

In an talk on Bloomberg TV, Bill Gross got opposite a low point:

On since Ford is changeable billions of dollars a year from their equity portfolio into bonds:

 “They’re doing that since of a certainty, locking in their liabilities relations to their assets. Even during a low, 2-3% rate.  Boomers, from a standpoint of particular investors, are a same way. They’re commencement to get comparison and need some-more certainty. Do they find seductiveness in a Johnson and Johnson during 3.5% division produce with expansion potential? Sure they do, though they also trust they wish that income back, and if there is a 2008-2009 scenario, maybe they won’t.  So there are demographic tradeoffs here that have to be considered.”

It’s a cliche you’ve listened a garland of times, though for some-more and some-more people, their primary seductiveness is lapse of capital, not lapse on capital. This is generally loyal after 2008-2009, and for people who are timid this incentive is quite strong.

So a demographic trends don’t indeed vigilance bond doom; they vigilance starved bond demand, accurately as we’ve seen in Japan, another place where demographics were ostensible to lead to mercantile catastrophe.

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