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Laura Knoy: Now how does this noninterventionist philosophy play out when it’s a humanitarian crisis like genocide in Darfur, Sudan?
Ron Paul: …it should be done voluntarily. I have no right – no moral right or constitutional right – to come with a gun and tax the people and say: "I will take money because I want to do good" … there’s warring factions going on there, it’s a civil war… You could’ve argued that in Somalia as well … And the American people are generous – there’s no reason why we can’t help feed the world, and we do. But there’s no justification to use violence against our people to extract money to do good overseas.”

  —Ron Paul
 Interview by Laura Knoy on NHPR, June 5, 2007

Bill Gross On Why The Giant Wave Of Aging Retirees Makes US Debt Even More Attractive

bill gross pimco Bill Gross On Why The Giant Wave Of Aging Retirees Makes US Debt Even More Attractive


Doomsayers like to disagree that a US faces mercantile Armageddon since of all a obligations to retirees that will come due in a entrance years.

So it’s violent to buy US debt then, right?

Actually this proof gets it 100% backwards.

In an talk on Bloomberg TV, Bill Gross got opposite a low point:

On since Ford is changeable billions of dollars a year from their equity portfolio into bonds:

 “They’re doing that since of a certainty, locking in their liabilities relations to their assets. Even during a low, 2-3% rate.  Boomers, from a standpoint of particular investors, are a same way. They’re commencement to get comparison and need some-more certainty. Do they find seductiveness in a Johnson and Johnson during 3.5% division produce with expansion potential? Sure they do, though they also trust they wish that income back, and if there is a 2008-2009 scenario, maybe they won’t.  So there are demographic tradeoffs here that have to be considered.”

It’s a cliche you’ve listened a garland of times, though for some-more and some-more people, their primary seductiveness is lapse of capital, not lapse on capital. This is generally loyal after 2008-2009, and for people who are timid this incentive is quite strong.

So a demographic trends don’t indeed vigilance bond doom; they vigilance starved bond demand, accurately as we’ve seen in Japan, another place where demographics were ostensible to lead to mercantile catastrophe.

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