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John Lofton: Do you think abortion is murder?
Ron Paul: Yes, but we have in our state laws, which enforce the law against murder, there are degrees. You have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree murder. I think somebody who takes a pill the day after probably isn’t committing quite the horrible murder when you see somebody lying on the floor and somebody takes a gun and puts it to their head. I don’t equate those…
John Lofton: What do you think ought to be the penalty for the abortionist and for the person who gets the abortion?
Ron Paul: I really don’t have the wisdom to know exactly what it should be… The girl who goes and gets an abortion, she’s a participant in it, I don’t think she deserves the death penalty… But there are some abortionists that it wouldn’t be very hard to give them a pretty harsh punishment, because, you know, nothing annoys me more than the fact that an abortionist can make money killing a live viable fetus, in the 3rd trimester, and they think nothing about it, and they make a living doing this. Any yet, one minute after birth, that same mother, who might throw the child away, rightfully is called to task, and actually charged with murder. So that inconsistency has to be resolved.”

  —Ron Paul
 The American View, August 25, 2007

Here Is One Of Google’s Self-Driving Cars On The Road (GOOG)

Google has been testing a self-driving cars given final fall, though we don’t mostly get to see them around.

But French businessman Loic Le Meur was pushing on Highway 101 — a categorical highway by Silicon Valley — and there it was! He was discerning adequate to snap this pic, that he posted to Google+.

A commenter remarkable that it’s really a self-driving car, not a Street View car, since that thing on a tip is a radar transceiver rather than a camera. Plus, we can see a difference “self-driving car” on a back bumper.

We’ve listened that , that partial of Sergey Brin‘s special projects group, and that Google has talked to vital automobile manufacturers about it.

google self driving car on highway 101 Here Is One Of Googles Self Driving Cars On The Road (GOOG)

Loic le Meur around Google+, with permission

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