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Jan Mickelson: One of my litmus test questions to find out what kind of thinking process a candidate has done on this, is to ask my test question. Test question is: do you think that Roe v. Wade is the law of land?
Ron Paul: Well, they call it the law of the land, but I want to clarify that by getting rid of it. I think this is one example of the courts overstepping their bounds tremendously. Texas had a law against this violent act, and it went in to the federal courts and the Supreme Court. They overruled the state law, which should have been legitimate, and then came down on the side of legalizing killing a fetus, even into the 3rd trimester. But the fastest way to accomplish this is not through a constitutional amendment, or waiting till you get enough justices to overrule. You can pass a law in the Congress, which denies jurisdiction to the federal courts. So if Iowa or Texas or any state passes a law against abortion, you can’t get it into the federal courts, and the states would decide this issue, as they decide all issues of violence: murder, manslaughter, theft, all this things are supposed to be state issues.”

  —Ron Paul
 Interview by Jan Mickelson, August 9, 2007

The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Ron Paul Wins …

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Ron Paul Wins Kentucky

Ron Paul finished a distant second in the Kentucky primary,
despite his son being the state’s junior senator. But a Paul
supporter — a backer of both Ron and Rand (who reciprocated)

easily won
the Republican nomination in the fourth
congressional district.

Thomas Massie defeated his nearest opponent in a four-way race
44.8 percent to 28.6 percent. The district has been represented by
a Republican for all but six years since 1967 — when quite
conservative Democrat Ken Lucas held the seat — making Massie a
heavy favorite to win the general election in November.
Politico referred to it as “another
.” This is part of the movement-building
I’ve been
writing about
for a while that will have impact beyond

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