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We’ve lost the south, that was one of the biggest fallacies. We went in there and we served the interests of one of our enemies over there, the Iranians. We propped up the Shiites, we overthrew the Sunnis, and the British didn’t hold, they left. So there’s more peace and less killing in southern Iraq, because all of a sudden we’ve allowed local control to develop more naturally. Warlords and local people are in charge, and they’re more allied with Iran. But this is not a catastrophe, that’s why we should deal with the Iranians in a more respectful way: if they had more control of the oil they’d want to sell, what they’re gonna do with it, drink it? That’s why the balance of power and the idea of self-determination should be worked out by them, not by us. As long as we do it, there’d be resentment and that is the source of the hatred towards us.”
  —Ron Paul
 Youtube, January 22, 2008

Payday Monsanto Video: Dr. No (Ron Paul Statesman) Ruff Draft


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