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I think everybody has the same concerns about helping people when they’re having trouble. The question is whether it should be done through coercion, or voluntary means, or local government. And I opt out from the federal government doing it, because that involves central economic planning. So even if we accept the gentleman’s moral premise, in a practical way it’s a total failure. We’d have been better off taking the amount of money and giving every single family $20,000, and they’d all been better off, than the way we did it. We bought all these trailer homes and they sat out in the open, so the whole thing is insane, it’s a total waste. And besides, the reason I don’t like these federal government programs, it encourages people like me to build on the beach. I have a house on the beach in the gulf of Mexico. But why don’t I assume my own responsibility, why doesn’t the market tell me what the insurance rates should be? Because it would be very very high. But, because we want it subsidized, we ask the people of Arizona to subsidize my insurance so I can take greater danger, my house gets blown down, and then the people of Arizona rebuild it?! My statement back during the time of Katrina, which was a rather risky political statement: why do the people of Arizona have to pay for me to take my risk… less people will be exposed to danger if you don’t subsidize risky behavior… I think it’s a very serious mistake to think that central economic planning and forcibly transferring wealth from people who don’t take risks to people who take risks is a proper way to go.”
  —Ron Paul
 The Charles Goyette Show, March 30, 2007

Ron Paul: A Middle Position on Israel and Gaza?

ron paul israel gaza Ron Paul: A Middle Position on Israel and Gaza?

In light of our recent coverage of the anti-Israel protest and the subsequent pro-Israel rallies, this is an interesting take on the crisis.

Ron Paul angers both sides. In short, he acknowledges Israel’s absolute right to self-defense and then also acknowledges that the Palestinians feel oppressed and have their own right to self-defense. He does not blame Israel for the Palestinians’ situation.

His main contention is non-intervention, that the US should stay out of it, and that “our involvement … is not helpful in bringing about peace.”

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 Ron Paul: A Middle Position on Israel and Gaza?Warren Redlich

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