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Liberty once again must become more important to us than the desire for security and material comfort. Personal safety and economic prosperity can only come as the consequence of liberty. They cannot be provided by an authoritarian government… The foundation for a police state has been put in place, and it’s urgent we mobilize resistance before it’s too late… Central planning is intellectually bankrupt – and it has bankrupted our country and undermined our moral principles. Respect for individual liberty and dignity is the only answer to government force, force that serves the politically and economically powerful. Our planners and rulers are not geniuses, but rather demagogues and would-be dictators -- always performing their tasks with a cover of humanitarian rhetoric… The collapse of the Soviet system came swiftly and dramatically, without a bloody conflict… It came as no surprise, however, to the devotees of freedom who have understood for decades that socialism was doomed to fail… And so too will the welfare/warfare state fail… A free society is based on the key principle that the government, the president, the Congress, the courts, and the bureaucrats are incapable of knowing what is best for each and every one of us… A government as a referee is proper, but a government that uses arbitrary force to direct every aspect of society threatens freedom… The time has come for a modern approach to achieving those values that all civilized societies seek. Only in a free society do individuals have the best chance to seek virtue, strive for excellence, improve their economic well-being, and achieve personal happiness… The worthy goals of civilization can only be achieved by freedom loving individuals. When government uses force, liberty is sacrificed and the goals are lost. It is freedom that is the source of all creative energy. If I am to be your president, these are the goals I would seek. I reject the notion that we need a president to run our lives, plan the economy, or police the world… It is much more important to protect individual liberty and privacy than to make government even more secretive and powerful.”
  —Ron Paul
 Video Address Announcing 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee, February 19, 2007 v=FPlPT4bncq8">

Ron Paul: A Middle Position on Israel and Gaza?

ron paul israel gaza Ron Paul: A Middle Position on Israel and Gaza?

In light of our recent coverage of the anti-Israel protest and the subsequent pro-Israel rallies, this is an interesting take on the crisis.

Ron Paul angers both sides. In short, he acknowledges Israel’s absolute right to self-defense and then also acknowledges that the Palestinians feel oppressed and have their own right to self-defense. He does not blame Israel for the Palestinians’ situation.

His main contention is non-intervention, that the US should stay out of it, and that “our involvement … is not helpful in bringing about peace.”

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 Ron Paul: A Middle Position on Israel and Gaza?Warren Redlich

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